Board of Directors

Michael Goldstone

Michael has over the past 30 years, an enviable track record of building successful technology companies.  Starting in the early ‘80s, he is credited with launching the first truly portable cellular mobile phone onto the UK market. More recently Michael used his expertise in creating a highly successful software solution for designing and engineering wiring assemblies for the automotive and aviation industries.  In fact it was here he first met Ed and Mark. Today, Michael takes more of a ‘back seat’ in the running of Aquarium but keeping himself very much involved in the creation of new software applications for existing and new market sectors. A keen golfer and gardener, Michael is married to Amanda.

Ed Shropshire
Managing Director

Formally trained as an electronics engineer with a keen interest in application development and the Internet. Having worked in Europe and the US on a number of bespoke technical projects, he often saw the inefficiencies and high risks traditional development platforms delivered to companies.  Eager to find alternatives and more intelligent ways of supplying what companies really needed, he recruited a team of professionals to work with him on his vision - Aquarium Software was born. Nowadays Ed plays an active role in the strategic development and direction of Aquarium and its suite of business development tools. Married to Amanda, Ed has two children Grace and Mackenzie.  In his spare time Ed still indulges in his love of rowing.

Mark Colonnese
Sales Director

Mark has over 20 years’ experience working for innovative technology organizations around the world. From the large corporates to entrepreneurial start-ups, Mark's expertise centres on product management and sales. Drawing on a rich and varied career working with world-leading organisations in financial services, automotive and aerospace, helps Mark bring a fresh perspective to solving customer’s problems in ways that are innovative and easy to use and own. Mark spends time getting under the skin of a client’s business understanding their processes, objectives and ethos and then delivers the technical solution. Mark is married to Joanna and they live in Oxford with their three children Vincenzo, Francesca and Stella.

Andrew Sherwin
Operations Director

Andrew has worked for 25 years within the highly regulated legal and accountancy professions where he delivered class leading technical business applications and outsourced services. The risk of non-compliance to a company in any sector is something which must be actively managed, Andrew worked with companies to build business process solutions ultimately helping to drive efficiencies in all internal and external interactions.  At Aquarium, Andrew works closely with his management team ensuring the company delivers the highest levels of service and support.  Andrew is married to Jane and has two children, Amy and Oliver. When not at work, he enjoys all forms of motorsport.

Janice Turner
Finance Director

Janice has worked for over 15 years in the financial and administration departments of regional and national companies in the UK. At Aquarium she sits on the Management Forum overseeing all ISO 9001 and 27001 quality standards, policies and procedures.  Janice and her team are responsible for the financial wellbeing of the Aquarium group of companies. Managing everything from invoicing and supplier payments to cash flow and management accounts. Having Janice on the Board gives a great balance between the technical and operational activities of the company. Janice is married to Andrew and has two children, Dru and Olie.


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