Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Feb 22

The covers are off but it’s just not cricket

As new online YouGov poll for Aquarium Software shows nearly four fifths (79 percent) of us don’t have annual travel insurance cover (and only 11 percent of us have single trip insurance). Aquarium’s travel guru, Mark Colonnese, says that’s a huge proportion of people who are taking a serious gamble on nothing going wrong on their travels. Aquarium urges the masses to have a re-think on travel cover, and the industry to use smarter technology to make the full facts and choices more apparent to time-poor consumers.

With a free NHS, Brits historically tend to overlook travel insurance given the current existence of the EHIC scheme when travelling in Europe. But this approach overlooks the true value of travel insurance, and can wreck your wallet and wellbeing, in the event of unexpected problems when travelling, especially when that travel happens outside of Europe.

“The rise of the packaged back account has seen annual cover come more to the fore, but with only a fifth of us with this type of cover and just over a tenth with single trip insurance, far too many travellers out there have no cover at all,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “Our YouGov figures show that less than half of us are covered by any travel insurance clearly the industry has to do more to demonstrate to consumers the value of comprehensive cover. Furthermore, smart apps need to make it much easier for consumers to purchase the right cover for specific trips and activities, which is where we come in,” added Mark.

“Given that 56 percent think use of technology should be improved by insurance companies, the industry is pushing at an open door. There is an opportunity here to develop market share, while at the same time, ensure that people’s holiday dreams don’t turn into avoidable nightmares,” concluded Colonnese.