Tall travel insurance tales could trip up tall ship trips

Tall travel insurance tales could trip up tall ship trips

Feb 01, 2018

News that a multiple transplant patient is joining a 46-day tall ship expedition in the southern hemisphere, has been welcomed by Aquarium Software, hailing the story as an inspiring example of how dreams of holiday and adventure can be fulfilled, no matter what the human challenges. The insurance technology specialist says it is proof anyone can achieve their dreams, but warns others inspired to follow in this sailor’s footsteps, that tall tales should be the first thing cut adrift when buying travel insurance cover.

The warning comes in the wake of a Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) survey revealing one in 20 with a pre-existing medical condition will not declare it on their insurance – invalidating their cover at a stroke. Aquarium points out this is false economy, and a real danger for those travelling with medical conditions.

“Tineke Dixon’s story is wonderful, and in fulfilling her dreams, she is demonstrating that even something like a multiple transplant is no bar to global travel and adventure,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “It is unclear whether she has travel insurance, but her story is also an opportunity to remind travellers that making incomplete and inaccurate declarations on travel insurance is one of the worst things you can do; not to the insurance company – but to yourself. The potential costs involved in getting you home from abroad can be tens of thousands, making fully comprehensive valid cover a necessity.”

With cost cited by many as the reason for not telling the whole truth, Aquarium is designing apps to make selecting, purchasing and using travel insurance easier than ever. Aquarium commissioned YouGov online research shows that 56 percent of Brits think the use of technology in travel insurance should be improved, and apps giving access to help, advice and - if needs be – rescue, are now becoming a reality.

“Insurance can’t cure your illness and it can seem like a frivolous expense to some. you don’t need, but having the right cover for your specific needs, territories and activities is the only way to guarantee plain sailing, should the worst happen,” concluded Colonnese.