Partlin isn’t always such sweet sorrow when it comes to pets

Partlin isn’t always such sweet sorrow when it comes to pets

Feb 02, 2018

The high-profile split of Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa, is proving that ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ is not so easy, when the third party involved in a divorce is a dog. The latest YouGov research from pet insurance technologist Aquarium Software, suggests that while couples are staying together for the sake of the pet, if a split proves inevitable, couples will fight like a dog with a bone over custody of the pooch. The emotional ties we have with our pets demonstrated by such cases, needs to be fully understood by the pet insurance industry, says Aquarium.

Hurley the chocolate Labrador is mutt in the middle of Ant and Lisa’s split. With almost a fifth (19%) of all pet owners with a partner saying their pets understand them better than their partner, it is perhaps not surprising that - even in a £31 million divorce - Lisa “isn’t going to budge” when it comes to her place as top dog in pet parenting, according to sources.

“It can be easier to split assets and share custody of the children than back down in a divorce, when it comes to the dog or the cat,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “69 percent of pet owners say their pets are just as important to the family as the humans, and consequently pets are becoming the key, even in relatively simple splits with no children involved. Using the kids to get back at the ex has been replaced today by the dilemma of who gets the pet, and who’s left in the doghouse; insurers must understand the power of this.”

Research by More Th>n shows 11 percent would fight harder for custody of the pet than possessions; while Aquarium-commissioned YouGov research revealed that 57 percent say their pet instinctively knows what mood they are in, and just over a quarter (26%) admitted they have more in common with their pets than friends and family. Pets are now entrenched in our lives and insurers need to tap into this knowledge, as while so many of us have such an attachment to our pets, over two fifths of owners (42%) have never protected them with insurance. “Some companies have started to adapt to the emotional ties we have with our pets, but many more need to do the same, tapping into the huge commercial opportunity presented by pet pulling power,” concluded Colonnese.