Majority of Scots are less susceptible to puppy love than the English

Majority of Scots are less susceptible to puppy love than the English

Feb 13, 2018

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, YouGov research conducted for Aquarium Software shows a big majority of Scots feel more love for partners than pets. Asked if their pet understands them better than their partner, 61 percent of Scots disagreed - ten percent higher than English (51 percent) respondents, with 38 percent of Scots in the ‘strongly disagree’ camp. Only three percent strongly agreed with the statement.

With 49 percent of the Scottish population* (almost 244,000 people) describing themselves as single, Glasgow has more singles than anywhere else in Scotland, and surveys suggest that owning a pet (a dog in particular) makes you more attractive. One in five dog owners have started a conversation with a stranger that led to love; 60 percent say owning a dog makes people attractive, and three in five have developed a new friendship as a result*.

“While Britain is considered a nation of animal lovers, Scottish pet parents appear to be more of one mind with their partners than their pets,” said Aquarium Director, Mark Colonnese. “Divorce has been on a downward trend in Scotland for years so are people spending more time with their partner or just love pets less? It bodes well for couples on Valentine’s Day, but Scottish singletons should not underestimate the power of pets to play cupid. Single Scots should probably consider a pooch if looking for that smooch,” added Colonnese.

“Dogs are a great way to meet people, yet - strangely - not one person in Scotland in our survey said they had a pet to make that any easier. It is simpler to strike up a conversation about a dog rather than think up something to say and provides the perfect excuse to talk to new people and - spares the need for pawsome chat up lines,” Mark added. It is estimated 22 percent of Scots own a dog*, which equates to 640,000 dogs - a concern when out of the home nations, Scotland is where people are least likely to have ever had pet insurance (45 percent), and the least likely to have pet insurance now (36 percent) in Britain.

Colonnese suggests that now might be the time to let the pets feel the love north of the border, particularly when they make you more attractive and can help you find love. “Given the rising cost of veterinary treatment, the best way to show your pet your love is insurance and who, knows, that pet may help single Scots float off the relationship rocks with a new beau this Valentine’s day,” Mark concluded.