Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Feb 14

Bristol ITIC’s all the boxes for new technology sponsor, Aquarium Software

Travel insurance technology specialist Aquarium Software is marking its first attendance at the International Travel & Health Insurance Industry Conference (ITIC), on Thursday 3 May. Held at the Bristol Mariott Royal Hotel, Aquarium announces it will be a sponsor of the conference, designed to keep companies at the cutting edge of travel insurance innovation. For the last 20 years, ITIC has established itself in the global travel and health insurance sector. With a combination of relevant agendas and networking sessions, the UK conference affords real business opportunities to a sector that increasingly needs to come together to work both smarter and harder in the face of the challenges ahead, which has led Aquarium Software to join the conversation.

“Aquarium is proud to be among the sponsors of ITIC 2018,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “Insurance clients are increasingly demanding travel technology solutions, and now is the time to engage further - both to share some of our unique findings and perspectives on the market - and to assess delegate attitudes to the emerging opportunities that lie ahead.” The UK ITIC event is significant for having a habit of being ahead of the curve on what is likely to be trending next, coupled with a knack for coming up with ways to address the needs of an increasingly tech savvy consumer base; yet the market does face a range of contemporary issues and is somewhat at a crossroads, according to Aquarium.

“It is pleasing to see the Power of Data on this year’s agenda and as GDPR comes closer, we will see how insurers and other businesses are planning to address compliance,” added Colonnese. “With Brexit blamed by some for the 12 percent rise in the typical travel policy we saw last year, the UK must now demonstrate its robust credentials as a world leader in the travel and insurance arenas, like never before. Ten years ago, nearly all contact was by telephone – a world away from today’s digital world. This digital convergence is advancing at a pace, and Aquarium is already helping some of the industry’s key players to navigate the pitfalls as well as the considerable opportunities this presents,” concluded Mark.