NCI Insurance Case Study

Specialist pet insurance technology provider helps UK firm win a place at the top table

The Challenge

After starting life as a motorcycle and roadside assistance provider, NCI’s move into the pet insurance sector was proving both profitable and fast-growing. To service this business they created an in-house solution, combining mainstream insurance software,
in-house tools and manual processes.

However, after quickly outgrowing this disjointed arrangement, NCI soon recognised they needed the help of a market-leading solution if they were to take their business to the next level and attract quality underwriters and affinity partners.

The Right Technology Partner

Finding the right technology partner was key,so NCI embarked on an extensive procurement exercise. But when they looked at many of the well-established software vendors, they found the technology on offer was outdated or simply not flexible enough. Nor did the vendors appreciatethe particular nuances and needs of the pet insurance sector.

NCI demanded systems and processes to deliver performance levels that would impress potential partners. It rapidly became apparent that the Aquarium solution was head and shoulders above the competition for both power and flexibility, and reflected a deep understanding and experience of the pet insurance sector.

Rapid Deployment &Time-to-Productivity

Once selected, Aquarium helped NCI ‘go-live’ in less than twelve weeks and just in time to see 10,000 AXA underwritten renewals come on-stream. Today, multiple affinity partners can be accommodated within NCI’s standard business process, flexing to the needs of each one to provide the perfect customer journey for each individual brand proposition.

Soon after, and off the back of this success, came Aviva’s decision to partner with NCI for the provision of pet insurance - a massive win for the NCI team.

NCI View

“The efficiencies Aquarium has brought to the NCI business are significant and compelling.  We can now add big brands, as we need, and make changes without Aquarium’s direct  involvement, giving us total flexibility. But when we need support, Aquarium is always there with as much or as little as we need, and when we require quick answers – with a client waiting – their response is immediate.

We believe that the systems we now have in place are better than Allianz and RSA, with all the power needed to jump through every client’s process and proposition needs, as well as the necessary information security considerations.

Most recently we’ve been given the ‘thumbs-up’ from Aviva following extensive technical due diligence by Ernst & Young. We could not have done this without Aquarium’s incredible support.”

Craig Astbury -  Group IT Director, NCI

Aquarium View

“For many companies like NCI, the consideration is: ‘Do I build this myself or do I source externally?’. When you’re looking at an area that is so niche, the ‘build it yourself’ argument can often seem strong. But many insurers underestimate the size of this task.

With Aquarium’s strategy to be the worldwide de-facto standard pet insurance software supplier, our clients can ‘have their cake and eat it’. We deliver a cloud-based business platform that can be deployed quickly and tailored to the needs of each client…without software customisation.

I’m delighted we have been able to help NCI get a seat at the top-table. Aviva’s decision to work with them is a fantastic vote of confidence for them too. NCI have some very exciting projects in the pipeline and we look forward to helping them come to fruition.”

Mark Colonnese - Sales & Marketing Director, Aquarium

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